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The Devil She Knows

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     How well do we really know those around us?  Laura Delany begins to ask herself this question after a series of frightening events forces her to trust her own instincts rather than the people she has known for most of her life.


     After the sudden death of her husband, Laura becomes a single mother to her two young daughters.  She builds a life for them in the bucolic small town where she was raised, moving into her grandmother’s colonial-style home and starting her own flower business.  One evening, there is a terrible accident in front of her home, which sets in motion a chain of events that changes Laura’s life forever.


     The morning after the accident, Laura discovers that her high school sweetheart, Jake Callaway, is back in town. He left home, and Laura, behind many years ago amid a scandal that tore his relationship with Laura to pieces. He went on to achieve great success as an investigative reporter in New York City, but now he has returned and has set his sights on winning her back. But things are not as charming as they appear in the quiet town of Newbury.


     The mystery surrounding the accident, and the suspicious death of a witness, lead Jake and Laura to join forces to investigate. This puts them on a collision course with danger as they begin to uncover a deeply entrenched secret the members of Newbury would kill to protect.

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The Devil She Knows
Martin, Barbara Ann
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